Americana, 2009

book pages and video stills.projected video, book pages, wax, muslin, magnets.
Image visibility and position shifts with daylight and movement of “screen.”Dimensions: 20’ X 11’ (variable), 2007- 2009

Americana, 2009
The video loop featured in Americana is projected onto the pages of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man. Each page of the book has been waxed and bonded together to form a translucent screen. The short video depicts a woman walking, tightrope style, along a narrow ledge with the wind challenging her every step. A valley ringed by the Black Mountain provides the setting for the precarious balancing act in the video. Though it could be anywhere in the world, in an American context this vast landscape signifies a particularly American ethos. Its big open space is both full of possibility and fraught with obstacles. Here both the book and the woman struggle to be SEEN, but the degree of visibility of each fluctuates with the time of day,mimicking the visibility/invisibility of those who struggle to find comfortable space in the conflicted social and politicalgeographies of America.

Americana waxed book pages and video stills.


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