OneOneFullBasket, 2007

OneOneFullBasket, 2007

site specific project for Jamaica Flux 2007


Three foot by ten foot portraits of local men taken in a makeshift photo studio on Jamaica Ave, Queens, NY. These images are

the culmination of a process undertaken for Jamaica Flux 2007 an exhibition of public artworks sponsored by The Jamaica Center

for Arts and Learning (JCAL). To create these images, I set-up a makeshift photo studio in the shallow alley between JCAL

and the abandon building next door. I then spent days trying to convince passersby to let me photograph them and record their

attitudes about money and value with my video camera.

I spoke to and photographed women and men of diverse backgrounds. Yet while paring the images down to six, thoughts of

news stories steeped in race and violence, such as those about the Jena 6 and Sean Bell, pushed men of color to the forefront.

I couldn’t help ponder their value as they streamed by me on Jamaica Ave. Lined up one next to another and juxtaposed

against dislocated texts about money, culled from interviews with those photographed these men raise a myriad of questions

about the American experience, or the experience of living in America, as lived by those who struggle to find comfortable space in

the conflicted social, cultural and political geographies of America.


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